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DNA Testing Services - Paternity Testing & More

MedPro Connect's DNA Testing Services provides you with the fastest and most accurate results by using the national leading DNA testing laboratories. We offer both Legal and Non-Legal DNA Testing options that are designed to meet your personal needs- call one of our DNA Service Counselors today to discuss the best option your DNA testing needs.

Legal DNA Paternity Test (completed at a certified collection center)

MedPro's Legal DNA Paternity Test service is designed to deliver you with "court ready" DNA results and follows a strict "Chain of Custody" procedure to ensure accuracy. This includes verification of government issued photo ID for each adult tested and securing a photograph and signature of each party tested. The collection process for obtaining the DNA sample is simple and requires a painless cheek swab that is completed by an unbiased-third party specimen collector located at any of over 5,000 national collection sites. Call now for an appointment!

  1. Standard Service: (1) child + alleged father
  2. Standard Service: (1) child + mother + alleged father
  3. Express Service: (1) child + alleged father
  4. Inclusion of additional children to above tests

Non-Legal DNA Paternity Test

For those times when you simply need to know and want to receive DNA results to help you determine the right "next steps", our Non-legal DNA Paternity Test service is a perfect choice for you. MedPro makes it easy. If you select our "Non-Legal" Paternity DNA Testing service, you can either visit a patient service center for DNA sample collection or we can mail you an "At Home" self administered kit. This kit contains detailed instructions for collecting DNA samples (simple cheek swabs) and then to mail the samples directly to the laboratory. Please remember - results from all "Non-Legal" Paternity DNA Tests are not admissible in court for child custody and other court-related needs.Order Online STD, Wellness, DNA, Drug tests from Med Pro Connect

  1. (1) child + alleged father
  2. (1) child + alleged father
  3. Inclusion of additional children to above tests
  4. Overnight service to deliver the specimen collection kit to you




MedPro Connect only uses laboratory networks that hold several accreditation bodies and standards, including AABB, ASCLD and DAB. Our laboratory network complies with applicable industry guidelines, including the Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories and Convicted Offender DNA Databasing Laboratories issued by the FBI Director.