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FAQ:DNA Testing

Is Same-Day DNA Testing Available?
Yes - please call (877) 205-7836 today and we will help you get started. No appointment is necessary and most centers are open Monday - Saturday.

What types of DNA Testing do your offer?
We offer Paternity DNA Testing, Family and Relationship DNA Testing, Immigration DNA Testing and Ancestry DNA Testing.

Are there different testing options available for Paternity DNA Testing?
Yes. We offer two Paternity DNA Testing options. The first is a "Legal" DNA option that is admissible in court proceedings. The second option is a Non-Legal Paternity Option that is not admissible in court but will provide you with the same accuracy to determine paternity.

Do you offer an "At Home" Paternity Testing option?
Yes. If you select our "Non-Legal" Paternity DNA Testing service, you can either visit a patient service center for DNA sample collection or we can mail you an "At Home" self administered kit. This kit contains detailed instructions for collecting DNA samples (simple cheek swabs) and then to mail the samples directly to the laboratory. Please remember - results from all "Non-Legal" Paternity DNA Tests are not admissible in court for child custody and other court-related needs.

Are payment options available for DNA Testing?
Yes. When you call (877) 205-7836 and speak with one of our counselors, we will be happy to explain payment options for DNA Testing Services.

How long will it take to receive my Paternity DNA results?
On average, Legal DNA Test results are available within 3-5 business days after all parties have completed the DNA sample collection process at a patient service center. For Non-Legal DNA Tests, results are typically available within 2-4 days after DNA samples have been collected at the patient service center (or received by the lab if you are using an "At Home" testing kit).

How long will you keep my DNA Test Results on file?
We keep DNA results on file for up to 3 years.

Are your DNA Services accredited?
At MedPro, we provide you with the highest quality DNA Testing Services by "connecting" you with the nation's leading DNA laboratories - each use the latest technology to ensure timely and accurate results and are professionally certified to meet the highest standards within the industry.

Who has access to my results?
We value your privacy and make it our goal to protect your information. Therefore, we will only release/send Legal DNA results to the email and/or address that you provided at the time of order.