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DNA Testing Services

MedPro Connect's DNA Testing Services provides you with the fastest and most accurate results by using the nation's leading DNA testing laboratories. Frequently, our clients are dealing with highly personal and emotional issues that require accurate and timely DNA test results, including paternity, infidelity, crime investigations, forensics, immigration, and many other circumstances. We offer both Legal and Non-Legal DNA Testing options that are designed to meet your personal needs- call one of our Counselors today to discuss the best option to meet your DNA testing needs.

Paternity Testing

Forensics Testing

Infidelity Testing

Family Relationship Testing

Immigration Testing

Ancestry Testing

We strive for excellence

MedPro Connect only uses laboratory networks that holds several accreditation bodies and standards, including AABB, ASCLD and DAB. Our laboratory network complies with applicable industry guidelines, including the Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories and Convicted Offender DNA Databasing Laboratories issued by the FBI Director.

The American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) is a United States based standards organization that works closely with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that facilities meet the requirements of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) for laboratory operations. Being AABB accredited simply means that all processes meet the recommended guidelines and quality standards.

The Forensic Quality Services International (FQS-I) is a non-profit organization that provides accreditation on both a national and international level. Being FQS-I accredited indicates certification of competency and credibility with regards to standards for forensic testing and field investigations.