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Fatique Wellness Test Panel

Many Americans suffer from chronic fatigue, so you are not alone. Fatique is not to be confused with the normal feeling of being tired after strenuous exercise or a poor night of sleep. Those that suffer from chronic fatigue often feel that something is pulling them down and it's difficult to find the required levels of energy just to function. In addition, feelings of depression and apathy are frequently present.

MedPro's Fatigue Panel is a compilation of medical tests that help determine if your lack of energy and motivation is being caused from anemia, hypothyroidism, an infection or other common factors that can cause fatigue. MedPro Connect's Fatigue Panel includes the following medical tests:

  1. CBC with Diff/Plat (Complete Blood Count)
  2. CMP 14 (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile)
  3. Urinalysis
  4. TSH (Thyroid)
  5. Vitamin D
  6. Epstein Barr
  7. Mononucleosis
  8. Iron and TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity)

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