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Wellness Medical Testing

You are not alone! Every day, we hear from individuals who are frustrated by the current status of our healthcare system - including the lack of medical insurance, high deductibles, or the need to validate existing health and wellness concerns through medical testing. MedPro's Wellness Testing Services can help you gain greater control of your personal health by providing you access to your personal "baseline" wellness results.

We do not pretend nor desire to replace the important doctor/patient relationship - if you have a medical concern, we strongly recommend that you speak to your doctor immediately. We are simply here to provide you with the additional means to secure your "baseline" wellness testing results. It is a growing trend for individuals to play a more active role in understanding their personal health - and to then use this information to validate concerns and to seek professional medical assistance from their doctor to interpret their results.

The following test panels are the most commonly requested by our clients - call today to speak to your personal Risk Assessment Counselor to determine which Wellness Test Panel is right for you. In addition to these panels, we can also provide access to thousands of individual health and wellness tests.

Men Wellness Panels

Female Wellness Panels

Nutrition Panel

Fatigue Panel

Arthritis Panel