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FAQ:Drug Testing

Is Same-Day Drug Testing Available?
Yes - please call (877) 205-7836 today and we will help you get started. No appointment is necessary and most centers are open Monday - Saturday.

How long will it take to receive my results?
On average, results will be available within 24-48 hours for our 10-Panel Urine Drug Screen and 3-5 days for our 5-Panel Hair Follicle Drug Screen.

Are Drug Test Results admissible in court?
Yes. All of our tests are performed at the nation's leading testing laboratories and are certified to meet the highest industry standards and guidelines.

Can drug testing be performed on teens and adolescents?
Yes. Drug testing is a common service for parents who need to determine if their children are using drugs or alcohol.

How long are drugs detectible in the urine (after consumption)?
This depends on the type and quantity of drug ingested - most "street drugs" can be detected in the urine for up to 2-3 days following consumption - and it usually takes a few hours after drug usage for the drug to be detected in the specimen. If a greater usage time period is required, it is recommended that our 5-Panel Hair Follicle Drug Testing option be used.

Is it possible to test positive for THC (Marijuana) from exposure to second-hand marijuana smoke?
No. Concentrations of THC in the urine that are above the cut-off sensitivity level (causing a positive result) are only possible through the direct inhalation of marijuana. Second hand marijuana smoke will be in your system, but not at concentration levels required to indicate a positive for drug consumption.