Medpro Connect testing in Michigan

MedPro Connect offers Medical Testing Services in Michigan. If you do not find a medical testing location in Michigan using the map below please call us at 877-205-7836 and we will help you find your nearest medical testing location.

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MedPro Connect offers discrete medical testing services for the following:


STD Testing: Chlamydia Testing, Gonorrhea Testing, Syphilis Testing, Herpes Testing, HIV/AIDS Testing, Hepatitis Testing

DNA Testing: Paternity Testing, Forensics Testing, Infidelity Testing, Family Relationship Testing, Immigration Testing, Ancestry Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services: Drug & Alcohol Tests (Urine), Drug Test (Hair Follicle)

Wellness Medical Testing: Men Wellness Panels, Female Wellness Panels,Nutrition Panel, Fatigue Panel, Arthritis Panel


Through a network of over 5,000 local patient service centres located throughout the United States, Medpro Medical Testing provides specialized testing services. Our laboratory partners - each recognized for their innovation and scientific expertise in DNA, STD, Drug, and Wellness Testing - provide our customers with timely and accurate medical testing results.

About MedPro Connect

MedPro Connect provides local and confidential access to thousands of different medical testing services, inculding DNA Testing, Paternity Testing, Forensics Testing, STD Testing, HIV/AIDS Testing, Genital Herpes Testing, Chlamydia Testing, Gonorrhea Testing, Genital Herpes Testing, Syphilis Testing, Hepatitis B & C Testing, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Blood Chemistry Panel (CHEM14), Urinalysis, Glucose Testing, Diabetes Testing, Cholesterol Testing, PSA Testing, Testosterone Testing, Estrogen testing.
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  • 5,000+ local Patient Service Centers
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